The Peregrine Net
An International Web Club for Adventist Birders and Friends

The goal of this website is to provide Adventist birders with an easy means of communicating with each other. We hope it will give you a way to request birding information and to offer aid to fellow birders. Recruit all the Adventist birders you know and other friends you can vouch for, and this network will soon span the bird planet.

The name was chosen because of its multiple levels of meaning: peregrine falcons being one of the truly worldwide species, the word peregrine in Latin languages meaning wanderer or pilgrim, and more.

Through this website you may contact fellow members directly, looking them up by name, or country, state, or province, and all are invited to post trip reports or list totals, or chat, or make suggestions. We encourage all registrants to write a paragraph about themselves: how they started birding, what specialties are in their area, availability for guiding visitors, etc. Read stories of significant contributions by Adventist birders or ornithologists to the sport and the science. If you have a story, send it to us.

We are starting simply and inexpensively with webspace donated by a friend, Lonnie Lepore, who owns Juke Box Alive (check it out for any recorded music needs). We are asking for a donation of $10 (US,CN,AU,NZ,whatever) per person or family, from those for whom this is not a burden. We are exempting students, missionaries, and all in developing countries for whom using Paypal is not easy. This will remunerate Taija our webmaster for his time. It is possible that we might need to ask for a future unforeseeable donation, but this would be optional, just like the current one.

—Bob Holbrook, Floyd Murdoch, Calvin Hill,
   Brad Benson, Mick Greene, Frank Clayton.